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“Art has always been an intrinsic part of my being. Growing up in an artistic family, I was always surrounded by those who shared the desire to simply create, whether […]

Why Stray ?

When you find something you love, it’s hard to stray! It’s how you dress it up that makes the common repeater shine in any and all spaces you choose. See […]

Collections: Personality in Design

If you read this week’s newsletter, you might have noticed one of our new obsessions is the book Collected: Living with the Things You Love. In the book, two design […]

David R . Head Jr.

David R. Head Jr.  CMYK Screen Prints  .Cyan. Magenta. Yellow. Black.  Transparent Radiation  30 x 40, acrylic paint & CMYK process screen print on canvas Death Valley 26 x 34 […]

Artist Interview: Meet Emily Brown

Humble and camera-shy, Emily Brown is not only an incredibly talented painter, but balances mothering three kids, caring for a blind dog and finding time to enjoy her own hobbies and […]