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Collections: Personality in Design

If you read this week’s newsletter, you might have noticed one of our new obsessions is the book Collected: Living with the Things You Love. In the book, two design […]

Artist Interview: Meet Emily Brown

Humble and camera-shy, Emily Brown is not only an incredibly talented painter, but balances mothering three kids, caring for a blind dog and finding time to enjoy her own hobbies and […]

Artist Spotlight: Hirona Matsuda

In celebration of Hirona Matsuda’s birthday on Monday, now is the perfect time to highlight the works of this very unique artist. Taking found goods that catch her eye from the streets […]

50 Shades of Grey: Featuring photos by Sebastian Smith

Its no coincidence that the movie premier of the infamous romance novel, 50 Shades of Grey falls on Valentines Day Weekend. We at Mitchell Hill are joining in on the love-fest celebrations. […]

Weekend Recap: Art on Paper

Thank you to everyone who came out on Friday for the “Art on Paper” event! The night was a huge success. The new gallery space at boutique hotel, 26 Vendue beautifully […]

Artist Spotlight: David Ryden

We’re about to make a bold statement: David Ryden‘s art has universal appeal. His unique, abstract impressionist paintings are loved by everyone from wildlife enthusiasts to a child’s innocent yet wholesome […]

Exhibit Preview: Art On Paper

The medium is simply paper but the results are far from plain…On Friday, February 6th The Vendue Inn will be having an opening event for the exhibition titled, “Art On Paper.” We […]

Exhibit Preview: A Natural Palette

For all you wild things out there… On the weekend of February 13-15th, the 32nd annual Southeastern Wildlife Exposition will take place in the Holy City. SEWE is the largest event of its […]

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night’s event at Flagship was such a success! Thank you to all who came out and enjoyed the art as well as being in such an awesome space. We cannot […]