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Collections: Personality in Design

If you read this week’s newsletter, you might have noticed one of our new obsessions is the book Collected: Living with the Things You Love. In the book, two design […]

Lucky You

Happy St. Patty’s Day to all of you leprechauns out there. At the end of the rainbow lies Mitchell Hill¬†Gallery, of course. Feeling lucky? Stop in this week and you […]

Start With The Art

Everybody’s gotta start somewhere, why not with the art? Walking into Michael Mitchell Gallery is like jumping into a pool filled with a billion colorful, shiny, textured treasures. One is […]

Coffee Table Drama

I think we can all agree the coffee table is the “catch-all” of the living room. It’s easy to clutter this surface with remotes, cords, candles, matches, coasters, etc. Trays […]