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stephen mcmennamy

Stephen is based in Atlanta working as an art director. In October 2012 he was introduced to instagram. From there his interest in photography grew and that interest evolved into an ongoing project he refers to as combophoto’s.

No stock photos are used in to form these combophotos. All images are unique and sometimes the process is just as interesting as the final result.

“I’m at the mercy of what I can find…me looking around, things can take a very very long time… and then there are things that just happen in an instant. I like the double takes… the ones that are more subtle. I share with my kids alot, I love the reaction of kids, it’s very honest.”

You can follow along through his instagram feed @smcmennamy. 




46 balloons + chairlift by Stephen McMennamy

46 balloons + chairlift 


back + apricotby Stephen McMennamy

back + apricot 

cigarette + factory by Stephen McMennamy

cigarette + factory

donuts + headphones by Stephen McMennamy

donuts + headphones

fruit loops + dumptruck by Stephen McMennamy

drink umbrella + beach

egg+bulb+square by Stephen McMennamy

egg + bulb

fruit loops + dumptruck by Stephen McMennamy

fruit loops + dump truck

gas + gun by Stephen McMennamy

gas + gun

ice cream + bacco by Stephen McMennamy

ice cream + bacco

isla+flower by Stephen McMennamy

isla + flower

paintbrush + spaghetti Stephen McMennamy

paintbrush + spaghetti