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Edward Shmunes has been photographing for twenty-five years and has received awards from international, national, and regional juried art exhibitions. His work is in numerous private and corporate collections. The Charleston Series is a collection of photographs revealing a touch of Charleston’s magic – its characteristic exteriors of historic homes, streets and churches – with thoughtful provenance. I see my work as a surreal yet honest visual commentary on the world that’s whizzing by me. I try to create artwork that aesthetically and often amusingly exposes life around me.

Rain Dance

Rain Dance 

archival C print, framed 28 x 27 inches


Lace archival pigment print Ed Shmunes Charleston, SC


archival C print, framed 30 x 22


Fallen Angel archival pigment print statue Ed Shmunes Charleston, SC

Fallen Angel

archival C print, framed 30 x 28




archival C print, framed 17 x 23


Block on King

Block on King

archival C print, framed 20 x 26




20 x 26 framed, $350

14 x 20 loose, $150

desert rose

Desert Rose

20 x 24 framed, $350

13 x 17 loose, $150

the beginning

The Beginning

24 x 28 framed, $350

18 x 21 loose, $175



16.5 x 23 framed $350

11 x 18 loose, $150