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Popcorn Garland: Palmer & Aasyia-Bey

Our annual holiday works show has a sleigh full of talented artists joining us this season ! Some old, some new, but picked just for you ! Get to know our guests … 

Twoie PalmerTWOIE PALMER – veteran participant 2014, 2015, 2016

Twoie Palmer worked in New York City for 22 years as a freelance artist.  She was the sole artist for Elmer’s Glue Craft Ideas and featured in such magazines as Family Circle, Woman’s Day, McCalls, Good Housekeeping, and Better Homes and Gardens Special Editions. Other accounts included Ocean Spray, Combat, Rubbermaid, etc. 

Twoie also does commission work, as shown in the May 2015 issue of Charlotte Home and Garden. 

“This year’s work was inspired by a ‘life changing trip’ to Egypt.  I was an art history minor and got to visit places and tombs I have only read about.  My other inspiration was a reflection on women that have touched my life because of what they stood for.  The two women, Frida and Malala, are women who were strong and stood up for what they believed. This is how I wanted to portray them in my art.  I am an energy worker also and have been inspired by Buddha, his Five Elements, and the peacefulness of his ways and philosophy.”



Filip Aasyia-Bey

As a native to California, I grew up in a family of musicians and have always been inspired by the creative process. After moving to Charleston four years ago,  I began to create detailed geometric art  then shifted to abstract painting. Shortly after I began watching documentaries which helped me gain a general knowledge of modern art and inspired me to fine tune my artistic language. I’ve always been interested in abstract art and nature because both allow the viewer to experience themselves in a totally free and uninhibited way. I approach each painting in a similar manner, such that my emotions are able to surface like a lotus flower. Primarily my work serves as an outlet for deep rooted emotional experiences that can only be conveyed in conceptual terms. The joy I receive from being an artist is in creating an experience that impacts the viewer, and brings them closer to the mystery and sacred nature of who we all are.


Next up : Cory McBee of Modern South & Nic Jenkins 






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