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Popcorn Garland Guest Artist: Jenny Brant

“Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” Virginia Woolf 


green muse

Green Muse, 14 x 18 mixed media on panel $300

Jenny R. Brant was born and raised on a farm in the rural lowlands of South Carolina. A lack of art supplies growing up did not suppress her red muse
creativity; it enhanced it. As a child she spent many hours alone, happily tearing through pages of the only available materials:  old newspapers, magazines, and Sears catalogues. Fast forward to college years studying Art, Architecture, and Interior Design at both College of Charleston and the Art Institute of Charleston. Time and money were both scarce resources, but collage offered a beautifully unstructured break from rules, logic, and drafting boards. The possibilities offered by the unknown were faced with each page flip, with each book opened. What will you find on the next page? What will it say to you? Following the gentle, meandering path that is collage art has allowed Jenny to make art out of uncertainty. The images are found by chance, but are then arranged while applying principles of design: balance, rhythm, emphasis, ect. By juxtaposing familiar images in unfamiliar ways, her work invites you to develop your own narrative about the final composition’s theme and symbolic meaning. Jenny is currently residing and designing in the enigmatic city of Charleston, SC. 





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