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It’s football season. That means absolutely nothing to me as a non-fan, except for the fact that endless snacking is socially acceptable for the next few months.

And what else makes hours of repetitive advertisements and angry men yelling at the TV more bearable? The fact that that when their favorite team isn’t doing well, you will get to spend every Thursday watching new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in a room specifically made to house comfortable seating, elegant built-ins, and surround sound.

So to execute the perfect male lair, first things first: you MUST have a comfortable sectional. I’m loving the silhouette included below from North Carolina brand, Baker. It’s completely customizable (through yours truly at Mitchell Hill) in length, configuration, comfort level and fabric. 

Second, there has to be a level of masculinity present in the space. Think industrial loft with iron, natural elements and exposed brick; NOT “artwork” made out of bottle caps in the shape of your favorite teams logo, above a cushy sectional with built in cup holders. For example, the stool featured below is of the perfect aesthetic; It’s sophisticated and sleek yet dark and rugged. A must for long games at the bar, with a built in swivel and a beautiful wood seat that hugs all booty shapes.  A great way to show off your manly hobbies and interests is with alternative lighting. Check out the piece below on the burl slab. Handcrafted in Connecticut by the oh so meticulous Jeff Jacobson, using vintage auto parts, firehose nozels, etc. It’s the perfect piece to show off to your steam punk, engineer, auto enthusiast friends. 

And finally, the details. From our coasters to our artwork, the pieces we hand-pick are sure to be make a statement. The painting featured here, by Dixie Purvis (see October issue, Charleston’s Style & Design), is waiting here at the gallery to grace the walls of a lucky collector. I love this piece because it’s dark, without being aggressive, and the color combinations are unexpected and striking, yet calming. Not to mention it’s on birch panel, so it will weather any rowdy storm that erupts. Indestructible and beautiful, sold. 

Put a dark shade on the walls and there you have it: instant comfort, sans ‘La-Z-Boys’. Maybe throw a deck of cards and a matchbox in a bowl on the coffee table to really finish off the space. Oh and don’t forget about the bar! From Old Fashions to Dark-and-Stormy’s, make sure your stocked with all of the proper mixers and accouterments to keep your bros sippin’ pretty.

Enjoy the season while it lasts, and think, basketball is right around the corner. So get comfortable and get used it; Just find relief in the fact that your new cave looks great and feels even better. 

Until next time,

MH Design Studio Intern


  • Chandelier: black and brass adjustable spider fixture (also available in white) *
  • Lamp: Firelight, Jeff Jacobson $2875 *
  • Chair: BakerTivoli Lounge Chair (customizable, call for quote)
  • Coasters: Midnight Agate + 24 karat cold coasters, set of four, $165
  • Sofa: BakerHudson Sectional (customizable, call for quote)
  • Painting: Dixie PurvisDancing in the Rain, 48 x 48, mixed media on birch panel *
  • Bar Stool: McGuire – Swivel Bar Stool *
  • Book: Jacob GrierCocktails on Tap* $24.95
  • Decanter and Funnel: hand painted copper and glass bar ware by Tom Dixon
  • Bottle Opener: Quadrado Smoke Bottle Opener *
  • Brass Tangle Accessory: Large Antique Brass Tangle Accent *
  • Wall Clock: Propeller Wall Clock *

* Items available in our brick-and-mortar today.

For other items available through us, please inquire by phone at (843) 564-0034 or email us at




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