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Kerry Steele Kerry works using oil colors, finding their texture  deeply satisfying. By working in abstract forms she tells the story of tenderness n nature, sometimes also exploring the contrast of its severity. Finessing the line between tension and beauty is her objective. Kerry observes, and then paints, both patterns and randomness  seen in plant life and human figures. Her colors are chosen from those that represent the archetypal feminine character, and are used to conjure the same visceral reaction to nature that she experiences.


April Skies by Kerry Steele

April Skies

50 x 70, oil on canvas



Flirtini by Kerry Steele


48 x 36, oil on canvas


Gadabout by Kerry Steele


24 x 30, oil on canvas


Budding by Kerry Steele


36 x 36, oil on canvas


Balmy by Kerry Steele


30 x 30, oil on canvas


Miserlou by Kerry Steele


30 x 40, oil in canvas


Papillon by Kerry Steele


48 x 36, oil on canvas


Skipping by Kerry Steele


14 x 14, oil on board


Promenade by Kerry Steele


14 x 14, oil on canvas


Random Acts of Color by Kerry Steele

Random Acts of Color

18 x 24, oil on canvas


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