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Karen Keene Day continues her Moments with Wild Horses series

Karen Keene Day debuted the latest additions to her Moments with Wild Horses series earlier this month. Using a palette knife and acrylic gel medium mixture, Karen captures the movement of these majestic creatures with bold swift motions. But they are more than just gorgeous pieces of art work, they are real wild mustangs that have found a place in Karen’s heart. Learn more about the stars of Majestic Motion below. 

Karen Keene Day

Above: Karen poses here with her 48 x 72 depiction of, Angeni, the lady of the show. 

MWWH #274,  Angeni, 60 x 48 $7,000

“Angeni is the star of my show, because she survived a rattlesnake bite to her nose almost suffocating her.  She lives on the sanctuary that is owned by the Serengeti Foundation in Disappointment Valley, Southwest Colorado.  Thankfully she is spunky, beautiful and in good health today.” – Day

Satinka, a wild mare, is Angeni’s friend in the Sanctuary. Satinka’s sire is Hollywood. He is seen in the big red painting #197. Her mother is Mahogany.

MWWH “Angeni , a wild mare, lives in the Sanctuary (next door to SCB) where the mustangs see TJ Holmes daily, so while wary, they are not as much as the Spring Creek Basin mustangs.”- Day    

Angeni’s sire is Chrome,#173. Jif is her mother. Angeni was born after the 2011 roundup.


Chuska – Wild mare living in Spring Creek Basin, CO.

TJ Holmes: “Chuska … she was actually named by me and Kat. And the Navajo “children” were all in their 20s. 🙂 They were on a Conservation Corps crew that was working in Spring Creek Basin, cutting and spraying (to keep it from growing back) tamarisk (an invasive shrub) along Spring Creek. They were from/based in Fort Defiance, Ariz., near which are the Chuska Mountains. There was a wildfire in the Chuskas around the time the filly was born … and when I didn’t hear back from the crew leader, we named her Chuska in their honor.”

Moments With Wild Horses #275 by Karen Keene Day

MWWH #271, Angeni 48 x 60 $7,000

Moments With Wild Horses #273 by Karen Keene Day

MWWH #273, Angeni, 48 x 72 $10,000

Moments With Wild Horses #278 48x48

MWWH #278, 48 x 48 $5200

Moments With Wild Horses #279 18x18

MWWH #279, 18 x 18 $900

Moments With Wild Horses #271 by Karen Keene Day

MWWH #278, 48 x 48 $5200

Moments with Wild Horses #275 by Karen Keene Day

MWWH #277, Chuska 48 x 48 $5200

Moments With Wild Horses #272 by KAren Keene Day

MWWH #272, Angeni 36 x 36 $3200

Karen donates 3% of every sale to the Serengeti Foundation. Majestic Motion will be on display through the end of March. 

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