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It started with race cars . . . vintage race cars that require lots of love, care, and fixing. Although Jeff’s professional life has been one of international sales and marketing, his other life has focused on things that move, beginning with a car he built when he was 10 from scrap wood, a used lawnmower engine, and grocery cart wheels unknowingly donated by the local market.

Over the years his skills and interest grew into a full machine shop built into the 150 year old barn that his wife, Gail, and he restored in Northwest Connecticut. Several years ago, Gail, a successful, multi media artist had suggested that he begin using his machining skills for something other than building engines. After guided tours of some local studios he saw the light.

Jeff’s Light Machinery lamps celebrate the intrinsic elegance of machinery and the engineering balance between conflicting demands of durability and performance . . . an appreciation he feels has been greatly lost. Custom machined and fabricated components of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze join with engine parts into smoothly, moving sculptures. The lamps are in many private collections in New York and New England.jeff-jacobson

“I restore and race vintage cars and apply to my lamps the same design principles and machining skills that I use in building my automotive engines. An objective of mine is also to recognize and celebrate the intrinsic elegance of mechanical components. I hope you enjoy seeing and operating these lamps as much as I have enjoyed designing and machining them.

If the devil is truly in the details, he likely lives in these lamps. Thank you.”




floor lamp, 31″w x 55″h



Alfa P3

wall sconce, adjustable height, 18″w



Train Car

table lamp, 31″w x 24″h




table lamp, 21″w x 24″h




table lamp, 31″w x 26″h



Hot Rod

table lamp, 25″w x 19″h




table lamp, 33″w x 25″h