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Jeannie Weissglass + Susan Hable at MH 5.25.17


Mitchell Hill, in partnership with furniture brand Hickory Chair, invite you to celebrate the serendipitous intersection of the art and design worlds. Resulting in the first southern exhibition of New York-based artist Jeannie Weissglass.
Join us for the opening artist reception, May 25th 5-8pm, where she will be joined in celebration by fellow creative and furniture designer, Susan Hable of Hable Construction. Enjoy a cocktail while visual feasting on the rough & sparkly layers of the debut exhibition of Weissglass. While cozying up on the luscious apricot velvet sofa, part of Hable’s spring additions to the Hable for Hickory Chair collection.
“Strawberry Princess” is a painting by Jeannie Weissglass on display in the setting of a Hickory Chair lifestyle ad (on display in invitation above).
The event is open to the public. For a preview of the Weissglass exhibition or questions about the event, contact the gallery
843-564-0034 or email






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Event Space Tout

Giving back to charity is a mission close to Michael Mitchell’s heart, as the company began as an effort to support the local arts. The company set up the Mitchell Hill foundation to provide continuous support to Art For Charity and other philanthropic projects.

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Design Services Tout

Offering the ultimate in interior design, Michael Mitchell and Tyler Hill have partnered to create Mitchell Hill design. For over 20 years, the company has offered creative, inspired design for homes and workspaces. Based in Charleston, these design professionals have worked throughout the United States in locations such as South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York.

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Our Gallery Tout

Now one of Charleston’s best galleries and interior design studios, Mitchell Hill originated as a pop-up for Art for Charity. Mitchell Hill showcases the work of more than 20 local and regional artists.

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Our Vendors

Here at Mitchell Hill, what you see on the gallery floor is only a small selection of furniture, accessories, lighting, and fabrics that we can order for your home.  We’ve selected a few of our favorites to show you in person, but we have access to so much more.  
Peruse some of our vendors listed below and give us a call if we can help you find that perfect piece for your home!


























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Tom Potocki: Garden of Dreams

Tom Potocki solo show, Garden of Dreams, opening Friday April 7th at Mitchell Hill. 

Sea Dream by Tom Potocki

Sea Dream 37 x 48 $1800

New Today at 100 by Tom Potocki

New Today

Enigma by Tom Potocki

Enigma 32 x 60 $2200

Dark Matter by Tom Potocki

Dark Matter 36 x 46 $2100

Spring Rain by Tom Potocki

Spring Rain 46 x 52 $3000, companion available

Atlantis by Tom Potocki

Atlantis 32 x 36 $1800

Body Heat by Tom Potocki

Body Heat 12 x 16 $400

Tarnished Angel by Tom Potocki

Tarnished Angel 32 x 38 $1800

Pursuit of Happiness by Tom Potocki

Pursuit of Happiness 36 x 39 $1800

Once in a Blue Moon by Tom Potocki

Once in a Blue Moon 24 x 36 $1800

Hidden Beauty by Tom Potocki

Hidden Beauty 32 x 40 $1800

Hidden Promise by Tom Potocki

Hidden Promise  46 x 46 $2400

Into the Night by Tom Potocki

Into the Night 38 x 40 $1800

Luminosity by Tom Potocki

Luminosity 24 x 30 $900

New by Tom Potocki

24 x 30 $900


Blue Persuasion by Tom Potocki

Blue Persuasion 36 x 40 $2100

Kaleidoscope by Tom Potocki

Kaleidoscope 36 x 42 $2100

Cobalt Dream by Tom Potocki

Cobalt Dream 42 x 48 $2400

Ocean Song by Tom Potocki

Ocean Song 48 x 48 $2200

Summertime Blues by Tom Potocki

Summertime Blues 26 x 48 $26 x 48

Garden of Dreams by Tom Potocki

Garden of Dreams 42 x 46 $2600

Sleeping Beauty by Tom Potocki

Sleeping Beauty 24 x 38 $1200

Spring Thaw by Tom Potocki

Spring Thaw 40 x 40 $3000

Misty Willow by Tom Potocki

Misty Willow 42 x 48 $2100

Natural Force by Tom Potocki

Natural Force 48 x 60 $3200

Blue Mirage by Tom Potocki

Blue Mirage 12 x 12 $350

Timberline by Tom Potocki

Timberline 12 x 12 $350

Second Nature by Tom Potocki

Second Nature 12 x 12 $350


email amiller@mitchell-hill for more info 

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#CSOLShowhouse2017 ART

The 2017 Charleston Symphony Orchestra League Designer Show House is OPEN! What better way to celebrate Spring than wandering the old hardwoods of a gorgeous historic home. 

This gem at 36 Society Street, is a true example of what the Holy City has to offer, especially when it comes to the art work on display throughout the show house this year.

Mitchell Hill took to outfitting the living room and foyer of this stunning 1840’s home with playful contrasts to its original moulding and decorative plaster trim. Even acquiring a new member of the Mitchell Hill Gallery family, Stephen McMennamy, in the process. 

Here’s a look at the art and artists on display: 

Stephen McMennamy

Donuts + Headphones, 26 x 26 each, framed combo-photograph on canvas $3400

Donut Headphones by Stephen McMennamy

Tom Potocki 

Urban Rain, 70 x 50, mixed media on canvas, $6800

Urban Rain by Tom Potocki

Betty Foy Botts 

Shelter of Your Wings I, 36 x 60, mixed media on birch panel, $3800

John Duckworth

Perfect Wonder, 24 x 24 each, acrylic on panel with liquid glass epoxy resin, $9,000

perfect wonder

Dixie Purvis

Holding Fast to Hope, 60 x 60, mixed media on birch panel, SOLD

Holding Fast to Hope by Dixie Purvis

Sara Pittman

hand painted longhorn skull $1,200

Sara Pittman

Jeannie Weissglass

Midnight in the Garden, 72″ round, mixed media on panel, $12,000

Karen Keene Day

MWWH #277, 48 x 48. mixed media on canvas, $5200

Moments with Wild Horses #275 by Karen Keene Day

Click art images above to see more from each artist. 

Follow the show house, the designers, and sponsors on Instagram: 

@csoldesignerhouse@charlestonmag@traditionalhome@thmm@tylerhill_designer – @taylorburkehome – @bakerfurniture – @moattar 



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Karen Keene Day continues her Moments with Wild Horses series

Karen Keene Day debuted the latest additions to her Moments with Wild Horses series earlier this month. Using a palette knife and acrylic gel medium mixture, Karen captures the movement of these majestic creatures with bold swift motions. But they are more than just gorgeous pieces of art work, they are real wild mustangs that have found a place in Karen’s heart. Learn more about the stars of Majestic Motion below. 

Karen Keene Day

Above: Karen poses here with her 48 x 72 depiction of, Angeni, the lady of the show. 

MWWH #274,  Angeni, 60 x 48 $7,000

“Angeni is the star of my show, because she survived a rattlesnake bite to her nose almost suffocating her.  She lives on the sanctuary that is owned by the Serengeti Foundation in Disappointment Valley, Southwest Colorado.  Thankfully she is spunky, beautiful and in good health today.” – Day

Satinka, a wild mare, is Angeni’s friend in the Sanctuary. Satinka’s sire is Hollywood. He is seen in the big red painting #197. Her mother is Mahogany.

MWWH “Angeni , a wild mare, lives in the Sanctuary (next door to SCB) where the mustangs see TJ Holmes daily, so while wary, they are not as much as the Spring Creek Basin mustangs.”- Day    

Angeni’s sire is Chrome,#173. Jif is her mother. Angeni was born after the 2011 roundup.


Chuska – Wild mare living in Spring Creek Basin, CO.

TJ Holmes: “Chuska … she was actually named by me and Kat. And the Navajo “children” were all in their 20s. 🙂 They were on a Conservation Corps crew that was working in Spring Creek Basin, cutting and spraying (to keep it from growing back) tamarisk (an invasive shrub) along Spring Creek. They were from/based in Fort Defiance, Ariz., near which are the Chuska Mountains. There was a wildfire in the Chuskas around the time the filly was born … and when I didn’t hear back from the crew leader, we named her Chuska in their honor.”

Moments With Wild Horses #275 by Karen Keene Day

MWWH #271, Angeni 48 x 60 $7,000

Moments With Wild Horses #273 by Karen Keene Day

MWWH #273, Angeni, 48 x 72 $10,000

Moments With Wild Horses #278 48x48

MWWH #278, 48 x 48 $5200

Moments With Wild Horses #279 18x18

MWWH #279, 18 x 18 $900

Moments With Wild Horses #271 by Karen Keene Day

MWWH #278, 48 x 48 $5200

Moments with Wild Horses #275 by Karen Keene Day

MWWH #277, Chuska 48 x 48 $5200

Moments With Wild Horses #272 by KAren Keene Day

MWWH #272, Angeni 36 x 36 $3200

Karen donates 3% of every sale to the Serengeti Foundation. Majestic Motion will be on display through the end of March. 

Read more in The Art Mag.






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Designer Showhouse 2017 | Pre Install

Hi all!

Have you heard about the Designer Showhouse at 36 Society Street yet? This is Charleston Symphony Orchestra League’s  2017 showhouse and each section of the stunning home is being done by different designers, landscapers, brokers, etc. The home is a stunning Greek Revival from around the 1840’s. Very Charleston.

Well our very own Michael Mitchell and Tyler Hill are designing the charming entry, the living room right beside the doorway, and the back hall leading to the kitchen. The paint colors are shades of gray, one sort of a charcoal and the other a light slate/blue color. Paired with the crisp, white, ornate molding, the walls and their lines feel so sophisticated and clean.

The living room has two floor length windows overlooking the expansive porch and substantial (for Charleston standards) yard. On the East wall is a fireplace with an extremely intricate, one-of-a-kind mantel. And the floors are practically in pristine condition with just enough blemishes to show the true historic charm.

So the team already installed a grand chandelier and curtains in the living room and the shades are so striking together. They have also installed two chandeliers in the entry and the back hall that go perfectly with the style of the home. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the install will bring!

Check back for the post-installation photos of their beautiful work or go see it for yourself when the house is open to the public — March 16th through April 15th.

See their website for details (such as open hours and how to get tickets).

Come see it!


MH Intern

Enjoy my photos of the spaces, pre-install.

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Kings of Romance: John Crum + Brian Nash

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we can’t help but obsess over our resident romance artists, John Crum + Brian Nash.  They have very different painting styles and versions of romance but both reign supreme during February!  All the feels…

 john crum

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