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New Year Resolution Suggestions

The week between Christmas and New Years is always spent as a time of both reflection and looking into what next year might bring.  We spend a lot of time in our head coming up with New Year Resolutions.  Just in case you are struggling to come up with positive + realistic resolutions, Mitchell Hill is here to help!  

Left to Right: Eva Magill Oliver, Brian Nash, Jamie Blackburn + Lisa Shimko

Left to Right: Eva Magill Oliver, Brian Nash, Jamie Blackburn + Lisa Shimko

Good luck with all of your resolutions in 2017!  We would love to help you achieve your goals — let us know what we can do for you!

Happy New Year!

-Mitchell Hill

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Popcorn Garland Guest Artist: Jenny Brant

“Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” Virginia Woolf 


green muse

Green Muse, 14 x 18 mixed media on panel $300

Jenny R. Brant was born and raised on a farm in the rural lowlands of South Carolina. A lack of art supplies growing up did not suppress her red muse
creativity; it enhanced it. As a child she spent many hours alone, happily tearing through pages of the only available materials:  old newspapers, magazines, and Sears catalogues. Fast forward to college years studying Art, Architecture, and Interior Design at both College of Charleston and the Art Institute of Charleston. Time and money were both scarce resources, but collage offered a beautifully unstructured break from rules, logic, and drafting boards. The possibilities offered by the unknown were faced with each page flip, with each book opened. What will you find on the next page? What will it say to you? Following the gentle, meandering path that is collage art has allowed Jenny to make art out of uncertainty. The images are found by chance, but are then arranged while applying principles of design: balance, rhythm, emphasis, ect. By juxtaposing familiar images in unfamiliar ways, her work invites you to develop your own narrative about the final composition’s theme and symbolic meaning. Jenny is currently residing and designing in the enigmatic city of Charleston, SC. 





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Popcorn Garland: Palmer & Aasyia-Bey

Our annual holiday works show has a sleigh full of talented artists joining us this season ! Some old, some new, but picked just for you ! Get to know our guests … 

Twoie PalmerTWOIE PALMER – veteran participant 2014, 2015, 2016

Twoie Palmer worked in New York City for 22 years as a freelance artist.  She was the sole artist for Elmer’s Glue Craft Ideas and featured in such magazines as Family Circle, Woman’s Day, McCalls, Good Housekeeping, and Better Homes and Gardens Special Editions. Other accounts included Ocean Spray, Combat, Rubbermaid, etc. 

Twoie also does commission work, as shown in the May 2015 issue of Charlotte Home and Garden. 

“This year’s work was inspired by a ‘life changing trip’ to Egypt.  I was an art history minor and got to visit places and tombs I have only read about.  My other inspiration was a reflection on women that have touched my life because of what they stood for.  The two women, Frida and Malala, are women who were strong and stood up for what they believed. This is how I wanted to portray them in my art.  I am an energy worker also and have been inspired by Buddha, his Five Elements, and the peacefulness of his ways and philosophy.”



Filip Aasyia-Bey

As a native to California, I grew up in a family of musicians and have always been inspired by the creative process. After moving to Charleston four years ago,  I began to create detailed geometric art  then shifted to abstract painting. Shortly after I began watching documentaries which helped me gain a general knowledge of modern art and inspired me to fine tune my artistic language. I’ve always been interested in abstract art and nature because both allow the viewer to experience themselves in a totally free and uninhibited way. I approach each painting in a similar manner, such that my emotions are able to surface like a lotus flower. Primarily my work serves as an outlet for deep rooted emotional experiences that can only be conveyed in conceptual terms. The joy I receive from being an artist is in creating an experience that impacts the viewer, and brings them closer to the mystery and sacred nature of who we all are.


Next up : Cory McBee of Modern South & Nic Jenkins 






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Host for the Holidays

Hello all,

Happy holiday season! Or should I say cocktail party season? No matter what you choose to call it, November and December are the months where you’re probably going to get the most use out of your sequin dresses and statement jewelry. In addition, these couple of months are also when you can do some serious showing-off of your newest artwork and decor.

Be it a grand party of a hundred or an intimate dinner for four, there are so many excuses to host celebrations this time of year. Not only are there the classic holidays – Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years – but there’s also the unconventional celebrations. These may include job promotions, engagements, house-warming parties, philanthropic events, etc. 

These all lead to a fun time but only if your home can serve as a warm atmosphere for all of your guests. So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite “festive” Mitchell Hill pieces that can be used to deck the hallsPlus, they’re pieces that can be used January through October, too! Celebratory and smart.

Happy hosting and happy holidays,


MH Studio Design Intern


  • Dining Table: Mitchell Hill Collection – Miranda Dining Table (custom, made to order)
  • Marble Tray: Arteriors – Marble + Brass Tray, $432 *
  • Chairs: Milling Road – Cane Side Chair (black with black leather), $1,103 *

* Items available in our brick-and-mortar today.

For other items available through us, please inquire by phone at (843) 564-0034 or email us at

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Mitchell Hill Man Cave


It’s football season. That means absolutely nothing to me as a non-fan, except for the fact that endless snacking is socially acceptable for the next few months.

And what else makes hours of repetitive advertisements and angry men yelling at the TV more bearable? The fact that that when their favorite team isn’t doing well, you will get to spend every Thursday watching new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in a room specifically made to house comfortable seating, elegant built-ins, and surround sound.

So to execute the perfect male lair, first things first: you MUST have a comfortable sectional. I’m loving the silhouette included below from North Carolina brand, Baker. It’s completely customizable (through yours truly at Mitchell Hill) in length, configuration, comfort level and fabric. 

Second, there has to be a level of masculinity present in the space. Think industrial loft with iron, natural elements and exposed brick; NOT “artwork” made out of bottle caps in the shape of your favorite teams logo, above a cushy sectional with built in cup holders. For example, the stool featured below is of the perfect aesthetic; It’s sophisticated and sleek yet dark and rugged. A must for long games at the bar, with a built in swivel and a beautiful wood seat that hugs all booty shapes.  A great way to show off your manly hobbies and interests is with alternative lighting. Check out the piece below on the burl slab. Handcrafted in Connecticut by the oh so meticulous Jeff Jacobson, using vintage auto parts, firehose nozels, etc. It’s the perfect piece to show off to your steam punk, engineer, auto enthusiast friends. 

And finally, the details. From our coasters to our artwork, the pieces we hand-pick are sure to be make a statement. The painting featured here, by Dixie Purvis (see October issue, Charleston’s Style & Design), is waiting here at the gallery to grace the walls of a lucky collector. I love this piece because it’s dark, without being aggressive, and the color combinations are unexpected and striking, yet calming. Not to mention it’s on birch panel, so it will weather any rowdy storm that erupts. Indestructible and beautiful, sold. 

Put a dark shade on the walls and there you have it: instant comfort, sans ‘La-Z-Boys’. Maybe throw a deck of cards and a matchbox in a bowl on the coffee table to really finish off the space. Oh and don’t forget about the bar! From Old Fashions to Dark-and-Stormy’s, make sure your stocked with all of the proper mixers and accouterments to keep your bros sippin’ pretty.

Enjoy the season while it lasts, and think, basketball is right around the corner. So get comfortable and get used it; Just find relief in the fact that your new cave looks great and feels even better. 

Until next time,

MH Design Studio Intern


  • Chandelier: black and brass adjustable spider fixture (also available in white) *
  • Lamp: Firelight, Jeff Jacobson $2875 *
  • Chair: BakerTivoli Lounge Chair (customizable, call for quote)
  • Coasters: Midnight Agate + 24 karat cold coasters, set of four, $165
  • Sofa: BakerHudson Sectional (customizable, call for quote)
  • Painting: Dixie PurvisDancing in the Rain, 48 x 48, mixed media on birch panel *
  • Bar Stool: McGuire – Swivel Bar Stool *
  • Book: Jacob GrierCocktails on Tap* $24.95
  • Decanter and Funnel: hand painted copper and glass bar ware by Tom Dixon
  • Bottle Opener: Quadrado Smoke Bottle Opener *
  • Brass Tangle Accessory: Large Antique Brass Tangle Accent *
  • Wall Clock: Propeller Wall Clock *

* Items available in our brick-and-mortar today.

For other items available through us, please inquire by phone at (843) 564-0034 or email us at




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Details for Fall at Mitchell Hill

Hi everyone,

Happy Thursday! It’s been fall for awhile now which means maybe it’s finally time to get around to swapping out all of your spring and summer accents for more moody, fall appropriate pieces.

Yes, that does mean saying goodbye to fresh lilies in your entry and the pastel colored throw pillows on your couch. But now we get to bring on the depth of fall furnishings. That can be as easy as adding subtle hints of warmer tones; For example, incorporating our unique resin bookends to your shelving for a pop of orange or exchanging your stainless drawer pulls for bronze ones for an instant facelift.

Adding touches of gold, shown below from the chairs to the fireplace screen and the even the lighting, is an easy way to show you’re up with the times while exuding a richness to a room that you can’t ignore.

Both chairs featured below also bring a depth to the room with their contrasting textures and heavy colors. We have them in store right now and I try not to swoon every time I walk past them. They’re neutral yet interesting and they could flow with a multitude of moods given the right throw pillows or coffee table details.

So come by to see the finishing pieces you can’t get anywhere else and stick around to get a whole new look with the help of Michael and Tyler who can get you the utmost quality brands from the likes of Baker to Hickory Chair.

See you soon,


MH Design Studio Intern
















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Why Stray ?

When you find something you love, it’s hard to stray! It’s how you dress it up that makes the common repeater shine in any and all spaces you choose.

See how our love affair with certain silhouettes has morphed from project to project.

One bed, three ways.


Hickory Chair, Candler Bed


Michael Mitchell Anson House Condo Guest Room

Hickory Chair, Ilsa Side Chair and Stool


Mitchell-Hill 99 South Battery Dining Room



And last but not least, Hickory Chairs favorite made to measure chesterfield, the Kent. 

Michael Mitchell Anson House Condo Den Vignette

*currently in stock and on sale at MH until the end of August!


 You know it’s classic when it can suit this many personalities. 

Hey, when it works, it works.

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Hickory Chair : Hand-Made and Made-To-Order

Last week I had the opportunity to go up to Hickory, NC to visit the factory of Hickory Chair, one of the furniture lines that we sell!  It was my first time at any sort of factory so I went with a lot of preconceived ideas: endless conveyor belts, workers in masks and hard hats, and a lot of machinery.  I can tell you that my ideas were far off from what I found in my tours through the factories!  Hickory Chair is a company who makes beautiful pieces of furniture, that is for certain.  In addition, so much of who they are as a company is because of the innovation from employees and the handmade craftsmanship that goes in to each piece.  


One machine allows a single employee to make carvings into about thirty different legs at once!  The engraving they do on one piece is done to all of them simultaneously.  If they need to change the needle for a different marking to be made, they change all of the needles.  It is efficient but there is still a good amount of time involved!  (Also, if you make a mistake on one, you run the risk of making a mistake on all of the legs – no pressure!)


I got to see the creation of their 8-way hand tied cushion in person and it was incredible!  This system goes into the bottom of the frame with specific sizes of coils put in specific places for the best sit possible.  The construction of tying them top-to-bottom, side-to-side, and diagonally to the coils and frame adjacent, keeps the springs in place and is meant to last you a very long time.  Our instructor, Laura, commented that when you buy from Hickory Chair, you are buying pieces for your grandchildren – some that might not even be born yet!  They are building furniture that will be passed as heirlooms through generations of families.  The company was established in 1911, so after 105 years, they’ve experienced this!

IMG_3200 This is a photo of a detailed veneer in the leg of a piece of their furniture.  This veneer was only about 3″ long but comprised of 29 different pieces that had been put together.  It is a flat piece so all of the shadows are created by putting each piece into extremely hot sand.  It browns the edges creating an illusion of shadows!  Here is a picture of this piece after the stain: IMG_3210 It was so beautiful and the amount of work put into this comparably, small detail was incredible!


This is a photo of a Diamant Dresser waiting for its hardware.  The dresser had been stained and then all of the gold striping was hand-painted on the front.  Hickory Chair has a studio for an artist in the middle of the factory.  There is no limit to what can be painted on to their furniture: chinoiserie, monograms, a design from a fabric swatch, horse portraits, sorority crests, etc.  This was one of my favorite rooms to visit!  The furniture you are ordering is one-of-a-kind and it makes their pieces more like art than just furniture.

The ultimate lesson I learned from my trip was that not all factories are created equal.  The factory was filled with natural light from open windows.  There wasn’t a single person in a mask – employee or person on a tour. They’ve created fans and air systems that pull everything out of the air that would make it difficult to breathe or a health risk to breathe.  The floor of the factory wasn’t full of saw dust…it was (embarrassingly) cleaner than my house!  As we walked through the factory we heard story after story of employee innovation.  Every employees’ workspace/desk is completely customizable to fit their work style: they can stand or sit or have it tilted.  They have lifts that will put a piece of furniture at eye level so employees can work all day without muscle aches.  Going against my judgements before arriving, there are large amounts of women working in the factory, in all departments!  

Every part of the process of making Hickory Chair furniture is hand-made.  There are so many different hands that go into making these beautiful pieces.  Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for on their website?  Since every piece is made-to-order, we can ask them to make a sofa 3″ shorter to fit a wall, or a chair to sit 2″ higher for ease.  We’d love to chat with you about what you have in mind for your home and show you options!  Here are a couple of pieces that I fell in love with while I was there: 


Isla Dining ChairIMG_3226

Suzanne Kasler Leigh Sofa

FullSizeRender-53Samuel Wing Chair

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Trever Webster’s Latest Works

Trever Webster’s mixed media work is unlike anything else we have at Mitchell Hill! His style of inkblots, numbers, pattern and repetition are distinctive and mesmerizing.  He has several larger pieces but for the most part, he works in smaller sizes.  This makes his art great for collecting!  They make sense in small groupings if you’ve got the space.  We’ve just recently added more of his work online and we would love to show you them in person!


Here is a sampling of his different styles and some of our favorites:

Unmatted Inkblot #1

Loose Ink Blot #1

ink blot on paper 8.5 x 11


Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.42.27 PM

Log Slices

mixed media on log 3 x 3

$45 each


pull over

Pull Over

mixed media on panel 30 x 40


Orbital Bliss

Orbital Bliss

mixed media on panel 5 x 7




mixed media on panel 5 x 5



See more of his available work on our website

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