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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Judith Paul

Judith Paul THE LAST PAGE I run my fingers over the beautiful cover and open the timeworn book in anticipation to see if it is signed or dated, hoping that […]

Fashion Meets Design: Featuring Maddison Row

On Wednesday, May 20th, Mitchell Hill will be hosting “Runway for Rachel,” a fashion show debuting painted clothing donated by Charleston boutiques and transformed by our artists. Standing at the forefront of […]

A Closer Look: Photography at Mitchell Hill

Here at Mitchell Hill, our painters represent the topmost in innovation, expertise and quality. For our photographers, the criteria is no different. Brown W. Cannon III and Sebastian Smith have […]

70’s Revival- Sorry We’re Not Sorry.

 From egg chairs to waterbeds, ’70s design has long been derided as tacky. Those who lived through hoped and prayed that they could leave those recollections of bellbottoms and feathered hair […]

Lasting Motifs

“China: Through the Looking Glass” is a spectacular exhibition opening this month at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The show compiles dresses by esteemed Western designers including John Galliano and Alexander McQueen. […]

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